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Analogy With Water

Analogy With Water is my pet music project created to provide a way to share and distribute my music with my friends and, well, anyone interested in techno/electronic or whatever you want to call it.

Although I have been writing music for a long time, I really only shared it with close friends. I figure there might be others out there who desire to hear some music they haven't heard before (not that my music is exceptionally original).

Officially, the band was formed August, 2009. The musical releases on the first album (Stimulacra), however, will more than likely span back a few years as I sort out what I want to put on it. I'll put more details on each album and track to give a better idea of the actual completion and creation dates, versus release dates. And if applicable, I'll include some history of the song... or at minimum, a simple blurb as to the inspiration or "homage" of the song.